If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that the launch of Endless Dungeon has been largely positive for Sega and Amplitude. However, there have also been widespread reports of technical problems, ranging from minor bugs to game-breaking problems.

Amplitude has been dropping hotfixes (six on PC) left, right, and centre, and you can read more about the progress updates here. Following on from that, the studio has put together an update so epic, so colossal, so magnificent, that it warrants a proper name. This one’s called: On The Rocks.

What’s in the On The Rocks Update?

The big change is a rebalance to address a game meta that Amplitude did not much like. As the studio’s update on Steam explained, we might need extra turrets because “heroes are, perhaps, a bit too powerful. This is why we have balanced heroes and turrets.”

The Update’s headline mentions alcohol – which I only recommend you consume within the context of the game, Dear Reader – and we are indeed treat to two new beverages. Fine Crystal and Rainy Day come unlocked for all, and we’re promised interface improvements for the beverage system in general.

  • Fine Crystal: The Crystal Bot starts with only 1 Health point
  • Rainy Day: Ressource stock is given at District starts, not by opening doors (100 each time to each resource)

Amplitude also confirmed the addition of push-to-talk, plus new 16 (!) achievements related to beverages, difficulty, and heroes, and another three bugged achievements have been fixed.

There is loads more to go through in the patch notes. I took a quick pass and noted interesting things about how critical information is displayed, however, it’s mostly just a massive list of bug fixes. You can read through the post yourself on Steam.

I’ve reached out to Amplitude to see if this is a PC-only update, and I’ll let you know if I hear anything back. Update: Amplitude’s subsequent social media post confirms that the update is PC-only at this stage.

Fassie, an alien bartender who looks like a bit like a man-goat in a waistcoat, shares drinks with his friends. Cartoon style.


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