Welcome, Dear Reader.

As you’ve arrived on this most functional of webpages, I’m going to assume that you would like to find out a bit more about Rogueliker.

This most niche of websites was established in late 2023 and it’s the passion/therapy project of Mike Holmes, a long-in-the-tooth games journalist trying to set up his own thing and save his sanity at the same time.

What we’re all about

Rogueliker is aimed squarely at celebrating all things roguelike, roguelite, and roguelike-like. To be fair, I’m probably going to stretch that a bit in order to talk about other things that I’m passionate about, but I won’t do that too often. Promise.

While I am going to do news, reviews, interviews, and features, I’m also going to have to write a lot of toplists. There’s not much I can do about that, such is the offering one must make to the SEO gods these days. However, I have played a whole bunch of rogue-ish games in my career, so the lists are at least going to be fairly comprehensive.

That said, there are hundreds of rogue-infused games out there these days, and I am but one man. So, if you’re a game developer and your game doesn’t appear in a specific toplist and you genuinely think that it should, let me know and I’ll take a look, time permitting.

I’m also interested in hearing from developers with games that are suitable for other kinds of coverage. I’m not interested in doing branded content or anything like that, but I will consider any request to look at an upcoming game or discuss any relevant topic.

Indeed, if you’ve ever got any questions or concerns about any of the content you read here on Rogueliker, please reach out. Your questions might well be answered in our review policy, but if not, my email is editor@rogueliker.com – I’d love to hear from you.