It is just a few days since the game’s launch and I published my Gunhead review, and it seems as though developer Alientrap has been hard at work updating the PC version in response to player feedback.

To that point, the main focus of Gunhead update 1.4 is a new mech repair station aboard your ship. This gives you additional opportunities to repair during a multi-stage mission at a point when it feels logical for you to do so.

I love this update, as I think it fixes the one thing that created a bit of ludonarrative dissonance for me. Previously, you couldn’t heal aboard your own ship between missions, which just didn’t make logical sense. Now you can!

The player engages in a gun battle with a giant spinning disc of death aboard an otherwise abandoned spaceship.

Gunhead: repair station and ammo refills

There are restrictions – this is a roguelite, after all. You don’t just get free health for nothing in this day and age!

The Mech Repair Station aboard your shop will cost you $10k per repair. That’s not very expensive within the context of the in-game economy, so that has been balanced by giving players a limit of five repairs over the course of a mission. Use them wisely.

You can now also refill ammo at the License Station, and spent weapons will remain in your inventory. According to the formula shared on Steam, ammo will “cost half of the license cost, multiplied by the ammo being filled.”

There are a bunch of additional changes, including the addition of French. Tres bien!

In the meantime, if you’re struggling to get past the first few levels of the game, this Gunhead guide should give you a helping hand, too.


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